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Super fast and reliable Wi-Fi

Enjoy fast Wi-Fi in all areas of your home/business

A fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is now essential across Ireland.

Irish broadband providers may provide fast internet, but does it reach all rooms in your home/business? Are you left with places where your Wi-Fi doesn't reach, or is very slow?

We provide technology that ensures your Wi-Fi connection reaches ALL areas, so you can go online anywhere in your home/business.

One-off charge of €310 including supply & fit *

* From price / based on 3 Bed-Semi over 2 floors.

Our solutions provide;

  • A Fast and reliable Wi-Fi system
  • Wi-Fi in every room in your home/business
  • Connectivity for up to 80 devices
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi system (2.4 Ghz + 5 Ghz)
  • Parental controls for home Wi-Fi
  • No messy cables

Whether you're working from home, gaming on Xbox/PlayStation, or watching TV online, you can say goodbye to the frustrating calls of "What's wrong with our internet" and say hello to 21st century Wi-Fi that works!

Our system works with your existing broadband connection, so no need to change providers or wait until contracts expire.

Our friendly engineers call to your home/business and within 2 hours leave you with a reliable fast Wi-Fi system.

We can supply and install a new Wi-Fi system in your home/business and remove all the pain.